Import – Export

The company has now established itself in the local and foreign markets. When it comes to imports, the company can happily and satisfactorily boast a portfolio of countries spreading from Europe to South and North Africa, South America, China, Turkey, New Zealand and North America.

At this latter stage in Francis’s life, another great wish and dream of his was coming true. A packing house for Malta potatoes for export was seeking the participation of a strategic partner. Without hesitation, Francis on behalf of Mafimex undertook the venture.

Finally his dream to export the local product was becoming a reality. At last Francis the farmer, had come to the position where he could negotiate good quality and good price for the crop of his  fellow farmers. So Mafimex is now also exporting potatoes and when there is a good demand, it undertakes to export other agricultural produce as well.


Producers and Exporters

We cooperate with the following producers and exporters worldwide: