As Francis looked forward in pursuit of his ideals, he was also seminating a strong belief that the local product had such a good quality that it could be offered for sale in the market overseas. It was very evident that as a very young man, Francis came face to face with the market, its theory and practice.

Now people were seeking him by name for his products. No sooner was this happening than Francis realized he had a potential. But then how could an agricultural producer venture forward into the daring and challenging world of business?

The way forward for Francis was to realize his personal potentialities and those of his produce. The strong belief that he could edge forward was the stamina that led him venture on. Therfore from the small room in his field, which was his shop, he moved to the first shop. This was the first move in a series of positive events that were leading Francis forward and make him come nearer to the establishment of Mafimex.


By now the young Francis had turned over his twenties and nearing his thirties. Experience had taught him that the local produce may not have been enough to meet the ever growing demand especially where the fruit was concerned. But then the market was being served by other firms, companies and partnerships, importing fruit from all over the world.

In his typical calm manner but firm, determined belief in his ideal persuaded Francis that there was place for him in the market. He therefore decided to have his stand and go forward in life.

When the company Mafimex was set up, the country was experiencing a climate of restrains and restrictions which made it nigh to impossible to transact business. This did not stop nor deter Francis in his strong belief in free market and fair competition.

The Mission

The company set out the specific mission of procuring the best quality products it could get at a very realistic price to its client. In this pursuit the company would establish good trade and business relations with its suppliers on a one to one basis. This would assure the supplier that the company would undertake to market his product if only it were found to be of very high quality.

As the company was going forward, Francis could never forget the numerous individuals, his clients, who had supported him in his venture , by becoming his clients. For this purpose he decided to keep his shop where he could sell by retail the local and imported products to his now esteemed and faithful clientele.


The first batches of fruit were procured and as the product was making its way to Mafimex, Francis was doing his utmost to introduce the product in the market. The response was very heartening and order followed order and import followed import. Gradually the activity was building up and Mafimex had its first client wholesalers who were now asking to place orders.

Francis 's family was growing and the passage of time brought Mark, Mario and Manuel to the scene. These are the three children of Francis, the young man who by now was seeing his dreams coming true.


With the advent of Mark Mario and Manuel to the company, it became compulsory that the company restructures itself. Therefore it was decided that Francis with his vast and enormous experience would be the director general of the company.

Mark would undertake to purchase and acquire the products. Mario would be in charge of transport and logistics whilst Manuel would be directly responsible for the sales.

The new structure made it possible for Mafimex to give, as always, personal attention to its clients and their specific requirements. It became possible to cater for a larger and wider client database, something that has been satisfactory achieved.

The company now supplies the major five , four and three star hotels of prestige on the Island. The portfolio of clients lists also some of the major restaurants as well as a large base of wholesalers and retailers who trust Mafimex with the supply of there products.


To render the best service to its clients, especially those in the catering sector, the company has established a reasonable workforce backed by a fleet of refrigerated trucks and vans as well as non refrigerated vehicles. Service rendered is on a 24/7 basis.

Clients know very well that they can be served irrespective of the time of day, if and when particular situation would so beckon.

The Client

Be it the hotel, be it the restaurant, the wholesaler or even the individual who is the client, Mafimex undertakes to serve the client with his requirements. From the slightest miniscule quantity of a product to the most demanding order, Mafimex undertakes to deliver quality first and foremost, at a convenient, reasonable price, but most of all to the satisfaction of the clients.

Mafimex acknowledges and is indebted to its faithful and loyal client base who have supported Francis first and then the company in achieving its goals. In appreciation of this encouraging support Mafimex tenders to its clients, its products at special prices, hardly unbeatable.

The client gets direct individual attention from Francis , Mark ,Mario, Manuel and all the staff on a one to one basis with no effort spared.



The Fruit & Vegetable Centre
Triq L-Idwart
Ta’Qali L/O Attard
Company Registration number : C7396
Vat number / EORI Number: MT 13015322
Director: Mr. Francis Mizzi